Family having fun on the Mount Royal.

How does a session with you work?

I ensure to provide an experience that goes beyond just a photo session. That’s why each booking includes a preliminary consultation, a client wardrobe of clothing for the mother, a discussion about the clothing you want to bring for yourself and your family, a studio or home session lasting up to an hour, and professional editing and retouching.

What are the packages and prices?

You find all the packages and prices if you click on 'See my prices' or 'Book Now'.

I don't know how to pose, and I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

I notice that 90% of my clientele claim not to be photogenic. However, I can assert that 99% of my clients love their photos! So, don’t worry, I’m here for that! I’ll guide you throughout your session by providing poses and small movements that will make for stunning shots.

What do I bring to my session?

For studio sessions, there’s no need to bring anything along! We have all the essentials covered, including maternity dresses, photo backdrops, and refreshments like tea, water, coffee, and snacks. Feel free to bring your own clothing and any sentimental items you’d like to incorporate. If you’re bringing children, remember to pack diapers (while I keep a few newborn sizes on hand for emergencies, I may not have all sizes) and ensure they’re well-prepared. You’ll receive a preparation guide the week before your session.

It's hard for me to picture my family staying perfectly still and smiling for a photo.

My approach with families, and in general, goes beyond simply directing poses. Instead, I encourage genuine interaction and joy. I’ll suggest playful activities like tickling each other or dancing together in front of the camera, sharing kisses, and simply having fun. Merely prompting smiles at the camera doesn’t always capture the authenticity or create lasting memories. By engaging in everyday fun, we evoke genuine reactions that result in cherished memories for a lifetime.

How do I prepare my children for the session?

Depending on the child’s age, it’s important that they are well-fed and have had their naps before the session. Regarding the timing of the session, I would be happy to accommodate your family’s needs, including considering nap times. The happier and more relaxed the child is, the better. For slightly older children, I also recommend bringing something to keep them occupied in case we take photos only with the younger sibling, just the parents, etc.

Montreal Family Photographer. Mimosa Studios — Motherhood & Family Photographer in Montreal
Montreal Family Photographer. Mimosa Studios — Motherhood & Family Photographer in Montreal

Image editing — example

Each image will receive basic color adjustment and skin retouching, etc. I never overdo the editing; you won’t look like a doll, but I do aim to highlight the natural beauty of you and your loved ones.

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